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The newborn baby photoshoot offers you splendid and delightful child graphics with a view to ultimate a lifetime. A baby photoshoot will allow your family to continue to cherish and revisit those incredibly beautiful moments for years to come. 

Our photographers have spent years perfecting their fashion and know-a way to select out up for your infant’s wishes and moods. From the beginning of the session, they know the proper angle, extraordinary poses, and the proper props for the photoshoot. By this, you could be confident that the pictures will turn out to be perfect.

Safety measures

  • We ensure to sanitize our hands before we touch the baby.
  • We always insist on supporting the newborn’s head and pose them without any strain on their neck.
  • We take breaks to allow the newborn to be comfortable and soothing.
  • Rescheduling can be done if our client’s newborn is sick as we take extra precautions.
  • All props used are completely sanitized.

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Haripriya Krishnamoorthy

I am very happy to have my son's first year celebration with Aliens Photography.🙂 All pics were very classy and highlighted his happiness and naughtiness..😁 I loved our family pic a lot with when my son was wondering were everyone surrounding him with full of Joy to give him cakes and chocolates..Thank you so much for capturing lifetime memories ❤️ Aliens photography🙂

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